ERPNext is an optimum business management solution with integrated and customer-centric management experience to give you complete control over your business. With our software, you get effective tools and features for Enterprise Resource Planning, Financial Management, CRM, POS, and e-commerce solutions to help you simplify, organise, and have quick access to all your business operations.

Web Development Service

SMB offers a top-of-the-line business website development service with years of experience in bringing your business online. Bring your business online and make the most of your digital presence with our ready-to-go dynamic websites. Rest assured as your business operates seamlessly online with our expert teams of website developers and designers call away to solving any issues you might run into.

NextoPOS Retail Solution

Looking to bring your retail business online with the best tools to boost sales and increase conversion rates at your disposal? Look no further for we have an excellent track record of bringing retail businesses online and offering the most optimum tools for you to scale your business to new heights. Stay on top of your business operations and get faster and accurate results with our cloud-based POS software. Manage inventory, accounting, employees, sales, and keep your customers coming back with multiple gift cards and multiple payment methods.

Service we offer

Web development
Unparalleled web development solution for all your business. Establish your brand, reach new customers, manage sales, and increase profits with our complete web development services.
Mobile app development
Enhance your virtual presence and establish a sense of trust among your customers with our highly efficient and functional mobile app development services.
Marketing and branding
Increase your reach, bring in new customers, and improve your sales with our accurate, persuasive, and custom-tailored marketing and branding strategies for your business.

Our Products


Manage all your restaurant operations with an all-around restaurant business management system. With tools to handle all your restaurant needs in one place, RestoPOS can help you increase your business profitability, reduce administration time, maintain stock, and bring more customers with loyalty programs by streamlining all your business operations.


NextoPOS is a one-stop retail business solution to manage all your retail business operations in one place. Featuringinventory management, accounting, employee management, third-party software support, and multiple payment methods to help you smoothen and step up your business operations, NextoPOS is the software you need to boost sales, improve customer footfall, increase profit and maintain steady growth.


Our software and website come integrated with food aggregator Talabfast, allowing you to simplify the order placement process through website or software. Create, edit, and manage menus as well as your visibility on the aggregator’s website and streamline order taking by directly copying URL from the aggregator’s website to your system to take the entire order at once.

iVend Enterprise Retail

We have partnered up with iVend to offer you simplified retail business management. Deliver seamless customer experience across all channels and manage your retail business most efficiently with our cloud-based retail management solution.

On My Way

Manage business deliveries and pickups with our uniquely designed management app for delivery business services. Track delivery status, send push notifications, schedule deliveries, make in-app payments, assign delivery executives according to areas and zones, and get quick access to thorough, personalised reports with our accurate delivery management app for your restaurant and e-commerce businesses.

Biometric attendance system

Supported by leading biometric systems, our biometric attendance system provides an out-and-out enterprise-level attendance management system to help you take care of your employees’ attendance, shift changes, leave and permission and more in a single platform. Get rid of attendance error, fraudulent timekeeping and increase productivity with our web/mobile-based accurate attendance management system.

Our Solutions

ERP Consultant

Create a perfect ERP strategy for your business with our thorough and to the point ERP consulting. We analyse and acknowledge your business model, operations, and functionalities to help you come up with an EPR solution especially catered for your business.

ERP Consultant

Create a perfect ERP strategy for your business with our thorough and to the point ERP consulting. We analyse and acknowledge your business model, operations, and functionalities to help you come up with an EPR solution especially catered for your business.

ERP Development

Stay with us on every single step of your ERP development so you can make the necessary changes at the right time. Our team of ERP experts provide optimum ERP solution for your business after meticulously inspecting your business and remaining in touch with your throughout the development process.

ERP Implementation

Simplify your business operations with our custom-made ERP solution. We set up a brand new ERP system for your business and help get your employees to catch up with the basic system functionalities so you can save time and resources.

ERP Integration

We also provide ERP integration with your current system. Expand your accessibility, save time, and increase operation mobility with our complete, fully-supported, and innovative ERP integration.

Accounting Solutions

Keep your business financially thriving by managing bookkeeping and accounting with our state of the art, innovative account management solution. Track your financial performance on the go and take key decisions at the right time with fully functional and optimised accounting software.