The convenience of being able to order food online, from the comfort of our homes is undeniable. Even before the pandemic struck and forced us to resort to our homes and tend to our works through the internet, the concept of taking most of our day to day tasks online was commended by everyone. The onset of the pandemic only solidified its existence.

Nowadays, the online ordering system is the backbone for most restaurants, which makes for an argument for the benefits of in-house online ordering systems. An in-house ordering system is when restaurants use their own online ordering software to process orders instead of relying on third-party aggregators. An in-house ordering system gives the restaurant full control over the entire ordering and delivery process.

Online food ordering is here to stay, which means it makes sense for restaurants to invest in an in-house ordering system and integrate it with their POS to streamline the entire process.

Here are a 5 reasons why having an in-house ordering system is better for your restaurant than relying on third-party platforms:

Online Ordering Drives More revenue To Restaurants

With online ordering, users are able to linger on the menu for as long as they want without having to worry about being hurried up by the person behind them. This independence allows them to take their time, explore all the menu options comfortably, and choose the best item according to them.

Being able to explore the menu with ease also increases the probability of customers adding extra items to their orders. Not to mention, online ordering systems are more accessible to a large number of people and the average order value of online orders are higher compared to orders done in stores, making online ordering more profitable.

Customization On The Go

Unlike delivery aggregator’s apps, having an in-house ordering system allows you to make adjustments on the go. Whether you are running low on an item or going through a rush period or not delivering to a particular area, you can update the information on your menu, add images of food you are offering, and create daily specials quickly and easily.

More Accurate Food Orders

Online ordering reduces the chances of mistakes and errors that are often prevalent with phone and in-person orders. First and foremost advantage of online ordering is that it gives the customer greater control over their choices. With more control, customers have more clarity and understanding about what they are going to order. Online ordering systems are also detailed with the menu and its consisting items so customers remain aware of exactly what they are ordering and what does the item contain. This convenience allows for better and more accurate order placing process, saving the customers as well as the restaurant from making any mistake regarding the order.

Improved Data Insight

One of the reasons Domino’s relies on an in-house ordering system is because of the important insight they get into their customers’ data. Third-party software don’t provide restaurants with complete access to customer data, making it difficult for them to do more personalized campaigns and marketing. With the ordering system incorporated in the restaurant’s POS, important customer data such as address, phone number, and order history is stored directly into the system. This allows restaurants to launch loyalty programs and gift vouchers for their loyal customers.

Customer data also allows restaurants to better understand their customers, understand what they like and dislike, get information on frequently purchased items, and watch out for their behavior to be able to provide better service.

Fast and Standardized Food Delivery Experience

Food delivery aggregators handle multiple restaurants at the same time, which often results in them not being able to conduct order taking and delivery processes in time. More often that not, these third-party service providers also fail to maintain hygiene and sophistication the likes of which are expected by your restaurant, which could potentially tarnish the restaurant’s reputation. With an in-house ordering system, restaurants can rest assured that their customers get their delivery on time and according to the restaurant’s standards.

No service fee

Most third-party aggregators charge a large sum of commission for each placed order, which can be revenue draining for restaurants. Whether it is a flat fee or a percentage of every order being placed, aggregators commission eat into the restaurant’s revenue and can be extravagant in the long run.

By opting for an in-house ordering system, restaurants can say adios to such financial worries and boost revenues and profit.

Online ordering is here to stay, especially now that we have gone through a pandemic. This means that restaurants need to amp up their services by letting go of third-party reliability and becoming a complete system on their own. As a restaurant owner, you need to make sure that your restaurant is up to date with the latest technologies and trends and is able to serve the customers in the way they have become accustomed to. It is important to let your customers experience the convenience of modern-day technology. By going with an in-house ordering system, you maintain a consistent experience across all channels, maintain the reputation of your brand, and streamline the entire ordering and delivery process.


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