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    What is an ERP system? Why should companies utilize it, too?

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    Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) today deal with some of the same issues as major corporations. Planning and managing their resources is one of them. Similar challenges confront SMEs, but they have few resources to address them. Like their larger counterparts, small firms must, keep track of their sales and purchases, Pay their taxes, pay their workers, Maintain delivery schedules as agreed, Offer high-quality products and services, engage with clients and respond to their questions, and much more.
    Small firms therefore still struggle with organizational operations today. To manage their daily record keeping, they frequently employ a variety of apps and tools, including spreadsheets, accounting software, and web-based CRMs. They must therefore access many systems in order to comprehend client master data, sales, financial flows, or profitability. Different silos house the information. It becomes challenging to combine the data to produce insightful analyses or alerts. Because of this, SMEs tend to be reactive rather than proactive in their daily operations. There is little room for expansion with such a confined method of operation.
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    ERPNext solves a few core issues that SMEs have when managing their resources:

    ERPNext is a comprehensive business management tool that enables SMEs to centrally record all of their business activities. SMEs may use ERPNext to help them make timely, fact-based decisions that will keep them competitively ahead. It acts as the foundation of a company, giving your expanding firm strength, transparency, and control.

    You'll be helped by ERPNext to:

    ERPNEXT is not only for SMEs but is widely used by large organizations to manage operations. ERPNext is a cutting-edge application that offers an integrated platform for all corporate processes, including accounting. Compared to both conventional accounting and ERP software, it offers a number of advantages.

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    Advantages above conventional accounting software:

    To Perform many other tasks besides accounting! Manage payroll, quotes, leads, billing, inventory, and a lot more.

    Organize and keep all of your info in one location.

    When you require data, don’t keep looking for it on many computers and spreadsheets. Organize everyone to work together. Each user receives the most recent info.
    Stop doing repetitious tasks. Don’t enter identical data into your accounting application from your word processor. Everything is integrated.
    Take note. Get access to a customer’s or a deal’s whole history in one location.
    Making sure that transactions and operations are transparent and accountable is crucial in any organization. Easy communication between teams and during discussions, as well as quick turnaround times for assignments and feedback, are required to make this possible.
    ERPNext has created a number of tools that allow you to assign transactions, manage your to-do list, share and keep track of a calendar, keep up with company-specific knowledge bases, and tag and comment on transactions, email orders, invoices, and other documents. Using the Messaging tool, you can also send instant messages to other users. All facets of the product include these tools so you can manage your data and efficiently work with your colleagues.
    This Open source software for Modern Business, ERPNext offers the following


    Utilize the 100% open-source accounting software to take care of your finances. Everything you need, from recording transactions to summarising and analyzing financial reports, is available in one location to help you manage cash flow. It makes bookkeeping simple.

    View your accounting books in real-time​

    View your accounting books in real-time

    Dashboards for open-source accounting show all key performance indicators at a glance. The ability to analyze every aspect of your business in one location has finally been made possible by configurable accounting dimensions and customizable dashboards.

    Accounts Chart​

    Accounts Chart

    The blueprint for your business is the Chart of Accounts, a customizable tree view for organizing accounting ledgers as needed. Groups may contain sub-groups and ledgers, whereas ledgers serve as leaf nodes.

    Payments and journals​

    Payments and journals

    Keep your ledger neat and orderly to prevent discrepancies when closing accounts. Control cash flow set up notifications for period closing, and keep track of income and expenses (deferred or accrued). It is possible to record and reconcile advance payments all at once.

    Pricing and billing​

    Pricing and billing

    With payment reminders sent via email or SMS, you can easily invoice your clients and chase unpaid invoices. Create unique print templates for invoices and quickly establish defaults. Once configured, item pricing will automatically be fetched for all subsequent transactions.

    Currency conversion accounting​

    Currency conversion accounting

    Our open-source accounting software makes it simple to manage transactions in different currencies. Send bills and expenses in any currency, and the system will convert them to your preferred currency.



    Sending renewal invoices each month is a waste of time. To automatically generate invoices for subscription orders, use the Subscriptions feature.



    Create as many banks and cash accounts as you like, and keep tabs on their starting and running balances. Keep track of the bank accounts of your clients and suppliers. Make sure your finances are in sync with a one-click bank statement upload. Clearance is made simple, and accounting is made simple.

    On-The-Fly Customizations​

    On-The-Fly Customizations

    Make your own free and open-source accounting program. By including custom fields in your forms, you can map the data that matters to you. Then, without writing a single line of code, modify form behavior by auto-fetching values, hiding fields based on user roles, and developing custom print formats.

    HR Payrolls​

    HR Payrolls

    Open Source HRMS software that is easy to use but effective With ERPNext, you can efficiently handle hiring, attendance management, expense tracking, onboarding, training, and appraisals. It's simplified human resource management.

    Employee Database​

    Employee Database

    Since it requires keeping track of external documents, managing employee information can be challenging and difficult. You can upload and distribute multimedia files using ERPNext (such as images, videos, and documents). You have the option of directly uploading the files or using a web link.

    Talent Identification​

    Talent Identification

    Intelligent talent acquisition and recruitment. Utilize a built-in recruitment tool to manage to hire. This tool allows you to plan your manpower needs, post job openings on your website, review and email applicants, and store documents. We'll make sure you don't go over your HR budget by using linked data between staffing plans and job openings.

    Employee Training​

    Employee Training

    With the help of our human resource training program module, continue to upskill your team. Set up training events for your staff members, which will be automatically linked to their calendars so that everyone can view the schedule and make to-do lists in accordance with the training.

    Important Performance Metrics​

    Important Performance Metrics

    Utilize our Energy Points system to track employee performance in an unconventional manner and redefine team excellence. You can monitor employees' journeys and handle salary increases and bonuses for top performers thanks to an integrated appraisal module and dashboard of crucial HR KPIs.

    Automated Payroll​

    Automated Payroll

    Embrace painless payroll processing and say goodbye to creating individual pay slips. Based on time sheets (with automatic validation), salary components, and salary structures, ERPNext automatically generates payslips.


    Get rid of outdated tools and switch to intelligent cloud manufacturing ERP software. A cutting-edge, open-source, cloud-based manufacturing ERP system that handles subcontracting and capacity planning, streamlines the production cycle, and more!

    Total control over your production

    Integrate your shop floor and production planning. Real-time coordination between all of your business verticals is facilitated by ERPNext's customer management, sales orders, inventory, purchasing, accounting, and financial reporting features.

    Bill of material (BOM)

    Any cloud manufacturing software relies on a bill of materials (BOM), and a well-defined BOM guarantees accuracy and robustness. The finished product is at the top of the BOM in ERPNext. Along with product codes, part descriptions, quantity information, price information, and other specifications.

    Shop floor supervision

    You can automatically record daily operations on your shop floor with the help of the job cards, operations, and workstation features in ERPNext. On a single screen, you can see the current status of the work being done to manufacture products, the locations of each workstation, employee assignments, and the pending steps for each work order.


    Does your company use a supplier to outsource certain processes? Check out ERPNext's subcontracting functionality. It makes it simple to track suppliers' labor and operations and to supply raw materials. Based on the price of purchased services and raw materials, finished goods are valued.

    Planning for material resources

    ERPNext will display every element of your MRP, whether it be a work order against sales or a material request. Monitor the material usage of serialized or batch inventory to reduce costs and achieve zero resource wastage.

    Capacity estimating

    Based on the resources available for active production orders, optimize your workstations. Create a capacity plan to identify and remove bottlenecks on the shop floor. Additionally, you can keep track of and control planning schedules for a predetermined period of time (30 days, 45 days, etc).


    The World’s Best Open Source of CRM helps you close sales more quickly. The best tool for accomplishing more in less time is ERPNext. With a true customer-centric CRM, you can generate leads, increase sales, automate tedious tasks, connect with your prospects, and expand your business.

    Interaction Automate Your Daily Tasks ​s Across Channels ​

    Interactions Across Channels

    Don't let any lead opportunity pass you by. Your sales team doesn't have to switch between apps because ERPNext makes it simple to turn all interactions into data. You can get desktop notifications for incoming calls using Call Popup. With the help of this free CRM software, you can also convert the emails in your inbox into leads.

    Interaction Automate Your Daily Tasks ​s Across Channels ​

    Automate Your Daily Tasks

    By establishing assignment rules (such as round-robin or load balancing) to automatically distribute leads among the team, you can reduce the overhead of manual work. As a result, your sales team has more time to respond to customers and fulfill commitments on time.

    Interaction Automate Your Daily Tasks ​s Across Channels ​

    Team Sales Performance

    Don't overlook your sales team's overall picture. ERPNext includes pre-built reports to track group productivity and examine the lead flow or sales stage of every prospect. To address leads or opportunities with multiple assignments or mentions, you can even work together.

    Interaction Automate Your Daily Tasks ​s Across Channels ​

    Sales Total Visibility

    Real-time access to significant sales and marketing opportunities is provided by Pipeline ERPNext's open-source CRM. This aids in the development of a plan to boost your lead-to-deal conversion rates.

    Interaction Automate Your Daily Tasks ​s Across Channels ​

    Digital Advertising

    Your lead closure soars with the help of our free CRM tool. Use email campaigns for targeted marketing, send your customers bulk emails with eye-catching newsletters, and analyze your lead sources in great detail to see the results of your campaigns.


    By Using Open Source Project Management Software, You Can Upgrade Your Workstyle. Use a task-driven approach to plan, schedule, organize, and analyze projects in order to speed up your work and improve team collaboration.

    One-Stop Workspace

    With a clear overview, keep track of project deadlines and development. Use forecasts based on similar projects to plan and more precisely predict deadlines for upcoming projects.


    Learn how task-driven project management can help you streamline your efforts. ERPNext makes it simpler to share and collaborate across the entire project team because there are fewer communication gaps and complete transparency. For better teamwork, divide your project into manageable tasks and distribute them to your team. With a clear scope and priorities, projected timelines, and milestones, you can evaluate the efficiency of the project.

    List of tasks and real-time chat

    This straightforward, adaptable project management software will simplify your workday. Create tasks and distribute them to your staff. To make tracking assignments and other tasks simple, the system will automatically add the tasks to their to-do list. Additionally, there is no need to incorporate external chats into internal communication thanks to mentions and real-time chat.

    Financial Analysis

    Utilize precise, up-to-date insights to stay on top of project budgets and costs. Budgets can be assigned to projects, and you can quickly see how much of your allotted budget has been spent in addition to planning the costs for each project phase.

    Accounting & Time-Tracking

    By defining actionable items—the activities for projects and tasks, based on what needs to be done—you can streamline tracking. Record resource costs and billing to gain project insights and profitability. Directly link work to payroll to process salaries instantly.


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