SAP Integration

SAP, one of the most extensive ERPs in the market, is not without its drawbacks. Although substantial and expansive, it's difficult to recommend because of its complicated UI, convoluted licensing feature, and manual updates for ecommerce transactions. With proper integrations with our POS and time attendance system, SAP can be made into the most functional and suitable ERP system for your business. We offer eCommerce website, time attendance, and POS integration with SAP along with fronted mobile app to help you manage all the aspects of your business in one place. 

Integrated POS with SAP ERP

With a POS system integrated with SAP ERP, your business process becomes more streamlined and easy to manage. You can save time and effort from having to manually enter all the data and let your business thrive on automation. You also get efficient, complete, and accurate flow of information, helping you keep up with the latest sales and stock levels.

Why NextoPOS

NextoPOS is a cloud-based retail business solution that offers a variety of tools and features to help you simplify and amp up your business operations. With NextoPOS, we have built the perfect POS system that can easily be integrated with SAP ERP and work in unity as a single system. Integrating our POS system with SAP ERP allows you to have greater control of your business operations across multiple locations and get more efficient processes through data centralisation and improved data reporting.

At SMB solutions, we understand the need of the companies to operate POS and ERP as a single integrated system to get the most out of their business. NextoPOS integration allows sales transactions and customer data with catalog, inventory management, payment, purchasing, accounting, and employee management to make your business operations simpler and accessible over multiple locations. Moreover, with our cloud-based system, you get real-time integrated data for better decision making.


Benefits of connecting SAP Business One with NextoPOS POS

  • No expensive Licence Required
  • Easy Customization as per your business needs
  • Flexible with features
  • Your Business Data is in your own server, Cloud based
  • No Capital Expenditures
  • Non-disruptive support for growth
  • Quick and Easy Implementation & support
  • bridge the gap between online and offline
  • Out-of-the-box connections for eCommerce business
  • Multi-store, and multi-platform (Marketplaces, CRM, EDI) support

Why Integrate NextoPOS with SAP ERP

Reduce Time to Replenish Inventory

With NextoPOS, you get automated and accurate data entry, saving you time and avoiding your business to fall victim to errors that come with manual process. Improve customer service efficiency and be business ready with a turnkey integration solution.

Upgrade your ERP and Add Connections with Ease

NextoPOS allows you to add, edit, and remove connections such as e-commerce, CDI, and CRM on the go, helping you make the most out of your business management solution. Make changes as per the requirements of your business and get going at the drop of a hat with our ready-to-use, up-to-date POS solution.

Free up Time and Resources and Focus on Your Business

NextoPOS allows you to automate most of your business process and provides you with an accurate representation of your business status, which means you get more time to focus on other core functions of your company.

Process Order Quickly

NextoPOS is a cloud-based POS solution, making the order process feel like a breeze. You can go through the orders and ascertain the status directly from your office or the comfort of your home, as long as you have a smart device with an internet connection.

Automate Financial Entry

Save time and keep your financial reports free of error with automated financial reporting. With NextoPOS, you get a user-friendly financial reporting and analysis tool that performs quick data analysis to help you analyse financial ratios.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Keep your customers coming back by offering them one-of-a-kind shopping experiences with our POS system’s loyalty programs. Build a loyal customer base and save customer information during checkout to provide personalised gift cards as per the dollars spent.

A Solution that Moves with Time

SMB Solutions understand that sales and retail business are constantly evolving so we develop our updates and add ons accordingly. With NextoPOS, you can rest assured that you will get the latest tools and features and timely updates so you can keep your business on the upfront and maintain a steady growth.

Integrated Time Attendance with SAP ERP

SMB Solutions offers an industry-level time attendance system to fulfil all your time management needs in one place. Manage employee attendance, shift changes, leave and permission, and working hours directly from a single screen. Our time-attendance system is easily integrated with SAP ERP, allowing you to automate timekeeping and save time management expenditures for your organisation. SMB Solutions designs time management systems to help you not only get accurate reports on timekeeping but also save yourself from errors and fraudulent timekeeping.


Take Advantage of Fully Integrated Time Management

Extend your SAP ERP capabilities by integrating SMB Solution’s Time and Attendance Management system and take advantage of to-of-the-line management functionality. Allowing seamless integration with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and a range of other downstream payroll solutions, our centralised Time Management and Attendance solution offers real-time and accurate reports to help you take quick and effective action. Our Time Management and Attendance solution also comes with multiple shift management, biometric recognition support, and gives you a real-time monitoring functionality.

Benefits of SAP Integrated Time Attendance System

  • Do not need to communicate with multiple vendors. (Device brands Zkteco,eSSL,Biomax)
  • Attendance, Leave processing in a single software.
  • Automated systems can help the company to minimize the time.
  • No manual work.

Why our Time Attendance System?

ERP Integrated

Our Time Management and Attendance solution can be easily integrated with various ERP systems including SAP ERP, allowing you to handle multiple aspects of your business at your convenience.

Cloud-based Software

At SMB Solutions, we understand that the key for a perfect time management solution is accuracy so we have built a cloud-based time management solution that is always up and running. The cloud-based feature allows you to keep real-time track of your employees, assign roles on the go, and make effective decisions on time.

Low Cost

Our time management solution is not only accurate but also affordable, which means you save both time and resources while keeping real-time track of your employees.

Device Independency

Our time management and attendance solution is compatible with most devices like ZKTeco, eSSl, Biomax with many more to be added soon. You can simply integrate the software with your ERP and let it do the rest. Compatible with most devices and systems, our software will be up and running in no time.

Save Time and Money

At an affordable price and convenient setup options, SMB Solutions offers the best-in-class time management system in the market. By choosing our software, you save both your time and money while staying on top of your timekeeping process.

Integrated e-Commerce with SAP ERP

Extending your SAP ERP to make it work for your eCommerce is one of the best decisions you can take for your online business. Since SAP ERP stores a lot of data and logic related to your business functionalities, you would need it to reflect the commercial processes on your webstore. One of the best ways to make this data in your ERP available in your online store is to integrate an e-commerce system with your ERP.


Enjoy Seamless eCommerce Integration and Sell Online with Ease

With our eCommerce integration, your ERP system comes in the centre of your ecommerce strategy, allowing you to control and maintain various aspects of your webstore, sales and order, and other processes with ease. Tag behaviours, identify trends, and streamline your business operations to effectively grow and scale your business. Our SAP eCommerce integration also allows you to watch over the inventory as well as the behaviour of online users to help retain customers and increase profitability.

Why Our eCommerce Solution?

It is Flexible

Our eCommerce solution can be modified to suit your business. Regardless of the industry your business operates in and the type of store you run, with our eCommerce solution you get personalised and relevant experience for your customers. You can connect to your customers anywhere, any time and using any device.

Centralised Access

With our customised eCommerce solution, you can access all the essential aspects of your business in one place. From marketing campaign management to customer service and experiences, you can track your business operations and make necessary changes on the go. You will only need one platform to manage, maintain, and upscale your business.

Boost sales

As an online store owner eCommerce SAP integration can be extremely beneficial in boosting sales and taking your business to new heights. Make the most out of your business with unified shopping cart and efficient business management features.