Ready to Go eCommerce Platform for Your Restaurant

Get Your Restaurant/Cafe/Bakery Online Quickly
Looking for a quick, easy and effective way to bring your business online? We can help you with it with our ready-to-serve website that caters to the specific needs of your business. Take your business to the internet within days and grow your customer base by providing them with a convenient and rewarding shopping experience. Our websites are fully-automated, easy to access, and aesthetically pleasing, offering you a perfect platform to expand and grow your brand.

    ecommerce readymade platform

    Readymade Quick Selling E-commerce Store

    Establish your brand online and sell to your audience directly on the internet in no time. Have complete control of every aspect of your business including products, prices, sales, marketing, and inventory. Add products, make modifications, or remove them altogether directly from your computer screen. We will provide you with a complete, multi-functional website equipped with all the modern features. You only need to bring product images and content and leave the rest to us.

    Easy to Use Centralized eCommerce Dashboard

    Maintain and manage every aspect of your business right from your computer. Our website will be equipped with every essential factor to make it easier for you to run your business. With our simplified UI, you can manage sales, orders, inventory, and drive customers easily. Our centralised dashboard allows you to oversee the growth of your business and make the changes you deem necessary directly from your screen. Save time, utilise resources effectively, and take your business to new heights with our efficient ordering system.
    ecommerce solutions dashboard
    online to offline ecommerce website

    Bring Your Business Online and Grab the Opportunity

    Create and substantiate your brand online and connect with new customers on the go. Use social media, email marketing, and blog post to boost the visibility of your brand. Transform your business into a customer-focused and interactive brand that provides for all the customer needs. All businesses nowadays need an online presence to solidify their brands and establish a loyal customer base and so should you.

    Increase Sales and Conversions by Seamless User Experience

    Simplified User Experience
    Our websites are designed to offer a seamless and interactive surfing experience. We take special care during the development of the website so your customers don’t face any issues while browsing or making orders. Our websites are optimised to be used on all platforms including tablets and smartphones and offer high-speed connectivity, multi-functionality as well as superb aesthetics, allowing your customers to have a great time as they surf and explore.
    Product Management
    Our websites come equipped with an order management system, which means you can overlook, maintain, and manage your products with only a few clicks. Create new orders, modify existing ones, or remove them altogether with our fast and streamlined order management system. Our in-built order management system also allows you to oversee customer behaviour and develop products accordingly, make important modifications to products in real-time, and ensure optimum quality in your services.
    readymade eCommerce store

    Multiple Payment Option - No Cart Abandonment Anymore

    Multiple Payment Methods
    Give your customers the option to pay through a variety of means with our in-built payment getaways. Provide fast billing and transactions with a range of supported payment options. Your customers can also choose to pay through promo codes directly from your website. Say goodbye to traditional and tedious payment methods and bring your business to the new era of easy payment, transactions, and billing.


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