Restaurant and Cafe Management System
Restaurant Management System - a digital way to manage your restaurant/cafe/bar/hotel/eatery. Placing orders using a digital menu and allowing users to scan the BarCode to do so, a very high-tech user-friendly way of a contact-less order placement.
Digital Menu

Restopos offers the feature of Digital Menu. Customer scans the barcode and gets the complete digital menu on his phone. A contact less, no physical menu for the new normal.

Kitchen Display

The chefs are always on their toes since the display in the kitchen continues to showcase the orders being placed by customers. The ability to use touch-screen allows chefs to mark the food items as ready-to-serve.

Easy Integration

Integrate with ERP or any other CRM with ease. Maintain the data of your customers, their feedbacks, download various reports, manage inventory - many other actionable reports at your disposal.

On-My-Way Logistics

Allows integration with food delivery giants like Talabat and Carriage. The Food Delivery Management feature allows the customers to order food online and get it delivered to their home.

Report Management

Create reports for inventory management, billing, staff payroll, waste management, etc. Get alerts for stocks running low or for amazing feedback given by a customer.

Cloud Based POS

Since this is a Cloud-based Restaurant Management Software, manage all your data on-the-go and the synchronization happens continuously to keep your data updated among-st your multiple stores.

Our features include online ordering for the waiter, kitchen display for the chef, billing module for the counter, various reports for the owner.

Actionable Reports

  • Inventory Management
  • Billing reports
  • Vendor Management reports
  • Customer Feedback
  • Accounts and balance sheets
  • Monthly management reporting

Add On Features

Restaurant Business is a huge business and any software can provide the basic workflow. But our add-on features are an essence needed for any restaurant management system to function smoothly.
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