Restaurant and Cafe Management System
Restpos is a cloud-based dynamic restaurant POS system. It is a service for boosting the growth and development of the hospitality sector. It does the management of the sales and marketing in the food business. Moreover, the restaurant owner can manage all the data regarding the hospitality business from any location. The features of Restopos are as follows:

Efficient Table Management

Manage the availability of the table reservation in the restaurant with the help of Restopos. You can do the updates within few seconds using the application. It happens in only a few seconds.

Management of data from anywhere

Handling the business while performing the other task is becoming difficult with time. You have an online system like Restopos then, things become easy to manage.

Cloud-based POS system

You can run your restaurant business from any location with the cloud-based POS system. The benefit of this system is that you don’t need to spend extra investment to get the procedure. All these things are simple to start you have to give training to your employees regarding it and then, all done.

Our features include online ordering for the waiter, kitchen display for the chef, billing module for the counter, various reports for the owner.

RestoPOS Dashboard

  • Inventory Management
  • Billing reports
  • Vendor Management reports
  • Customer Feedback
  • Accounts and balance sheets
  • Monthly management reporting

Displays the kitchen systems

You can manage all the kitchen systems of your restaurant while using Restopos. Check all the working as how all the dishes are prepared and served by the chefs and the staff members to the customers.

Inventory management

It is impossible to get accurate information on stock management through the offline system. If you want to take your business to the following levels of success, start using the Restopos setup.

Menu Management

You want to make instant changes to the menu of your restaurant. It is possible only when you are using Restopos. The fast system helps you to make the changes when you want.

No Language Barrier

Choose the language that you want to use in the Restopos. It supports several languages. You can decide the language that you wish to and then go ahead to start using the application.

Order and then make payment

Customers can use the Restopos application to place the order and check out the development process. According to their convenience, they can make the payment of the food too.

Analytics & Reporting of available information

Accurate information is available through Restopos. It becomes super easy to do the analytics and reporting work efficiently. Things are manageable by the restaurant owner and the team members to prepare the plans for boosting business towards growth and development.

Easy setup

It is easy and convenient to do the structure of Restopos. The application is available on the android and Ios platforms. Then, the restaurant owner can check all the real-time information about the functioning of the business from anywhere and anytime. There is no need to rely on the staff to get the details.

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