NextoPOS is a complete point of sale and business management solution for retail businesses. We provide a range of features and tools to simplify all your retail business needs in one place. NextoPOS is created specifically to cater to the retail business requirements and offers a synchronised, all-round, and up-to-date solution for your business.

Cloud-based Solution for Seamless Business Operations

Our cloud-based solution makes it easier for you to access and manage all your business operations at any time and any place. Get complete and ready to use features at your fingertips and take you business anywhere with an internet connection. Get updated access to inventory, productivity reports, sales and everything in between remotely and in real time.
Our hosted cloud software service allows you to add any device to your existing system for enhanced mobility. Access the software and all your information in one place from any smartphone, tab, or laptop and manage business operations regardless of your access to the store.
Our software is compatible with most operating systems and can be integrated without the need of any external hardware.
With our cloud-based system, you get updated security and easy backup options so you can rest assured your business is up and running all year round.

Top-Class Inventory Management System

NextoPOS offers you up to date inventory information so you are always on top of your stocks. Get live count of every product in your stock and make real-time decisions regarding adding and moving commodities in your inventory. With our optimised inventory management system, you get accurate and live insight into what is selling, when, to who, and at what kind of volume along with the remaining stock in your inventory.
Manage and maintain all your inventory in one place from anywhere at any time.
Identify sales trends and make essential decisions to take your profit to the next level.

Keep Up with Your Business with Optimum Accounting Management System

An efficient accounting system is imperative to every retail store so we have optimised NextoPOS to offer the same. With our POS system, you can save time and resources on having to transfer your data and maintain update books. NextoPOS offers an integrated accounting system with information on sales data, returns, price fluctuations and more directly to the online accounting ledger. As soon as NextoPOS receives sales information, it is reflected on your digital accounting ledger.
Record every single sale with separate costs into all different tax brackets with our detailed accounting system.
Get all the essential information on your supplier including billing, invoices, statement directly to your screen at the drop of a hat.

Keep Customers Coming Back with Excellent CRM Features

NextoPOS offers a solution to manage your customers and keep them coming back to your stores with ease. You can offer individualised promotions to your loyal customers to let them know they are a valuable asset to your business. Capture, organise, and use customer data to create personalised gift cards according to dollars spent. Store various customer information and get insight into their shopping preference from anywhere at any time.
Set up easy gift card payments to keep your customers smiling
Reward loyal customers with personalised gift cards and vouchers to retain footfall.

No More Waiting with Quick Billing

Billing systems are rapidly replacing cash counters and that is why our POS system comes with an integrated fast billing feature. Generate invoices, run customer loyalty programs, manage and maintain sales, and get rid of long queues all directly from the screen of our billing feature.
Stay modern and serve your customers quickly and efficiently
Save time and reduce queues with our fast and accurate billing system.

Transparent Employee Management to Build Trust

Our employee management system lets you keep a tab on all your employees and maintain a transparent relationship with them. Get accurate contact information, salary information, posts, work schedules, education information of every single employee in your company. NextoPOS allows you to hire employees with the right set of skills, easily monitor their activities to ensure everything is moving well, efficiently communicate with each member of the team, and make modifications regarding schedule and posts in no time.
Boost employee productivity and motivation by connecting to them on a personal level and giving them essential feedback.
Be visible and transparent with your employees and let them feel valued and appreciated.

Sales and Purchase Management On the Go

NextoPOS helps you streamline your sales and order fulfilment process in an organised and convenient way. Simplify purchasing and receiving flow to save time and meet customer demands. Track products, costs, customer inquiries, quotes, marketing campaigns, and vendor activities with detailed profile fields. NextoPOS also allows your sales staff to access the data according to their posts.
Gain accurate, and in-depth access to all the sales data in one place.
Avoid stock-out with forecasting tools and purchasing advice reports.

Easy Setup with Universal Hardware Compatibility

NextoPOS can be easily set up and is compatible with most hardware devices, which means you don’t have to worry about finding special hardware pieces. With quick set up and universal hardware compatibility, NextoPOS can be up and running in no time.

Personalise Your Business Operations with Easy Third-party integration

Add, remove, or modify features on the go with first-class third-party integration support. NextoPOS allows you to add software and features according to your convenience, helping you run your business your way.
Gain accurate, and in-depth access to all the sales data in one place.
Avoid stock-out with forecasting tools and purchasing advice reports.

Offer Customers a Choice with Multiple Payment Method

Keep your customers coming back by offering them a range of payment methods as per their convenience. Gone are the days of traditional cash payment methods. With NextoPOS, you can offer your customers various payment alternatives, leaving them happy and satisfied with your business operations. Moreover, you can also save your and your customers’ time and reduce long queues by having multiple payment options at your disposal.
Keep you customers satisfied and happy by providing them with payment methods of their choice.
Maintain relevancy and keep up with the latest technology with various payment method integration.

Keep up With Your Business Performance with Reporting and Analytics

Keep your fingers on the pulse of your business with NextoPOS optimal reporting and analytics features. Know what sells and what doesn’t, find out when funds are transferred, get insight into customers’ shopping preferences, and see your bottom line at a glance. Our analytics feature creates an in-depth analysis and presents to you in a comprehensive and organised manner to help you make essential decisions.
Get in-depth and accurate reports on all your business operations in real-time.
Get sales breakdowns and see what’s most popular at your business so you can make decisions regarding bringing up your business.

Allow Multiple User for Simplified Business Operations

NextoPOS allows you to add multiple users to the POS, making it easier for you to manage them all in one place. With multiple users, you can share important information regarding business operations and make important inclusive announcements. Having multiple users on board helps you perform basic functions at the front counter and deal with customers directly while at the back end other functions such as inventory control, order placement, and account management are being conducted.
Add multiple users and assign permissions to each according to their role.
Exchange information between users and keep a shared storage of information.

Keep Your Stock in Check with Bulk Import System

With NextoPOS, you can import products in bulk in a few simple steps. Our POS system features the latest product import system that allows you add a number of products to your inventory in no time. You can use NextoPOS to import products by their names, reference numbers, and barcodes.
Save time and keep your stock up to date by importing products in bulk.

Never Run out of Stock with Effortless Inventory Transfer

If you run multiple stores, you can make use of NextoPOS’ stock transfer feature to reimburse your depleted stocks. Stock transfer feature allows you to transfer inventory and stocks between stores with insight from NextoPOS on maximum stock limit and replenishment calculations. NextoPOS identifies the sending and receiving locations and creates a transfer-out document for easy stock transfer between stores.
Never run out of stocks at any of your stores with stock transfer features.
Conduct product transfer and update inventory levels in real-time.


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