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It is the time to say goodbye to the old-age tools and start using the latest technology in your catering and food services management. ERPnext is the valuable software useful catering and food services providers’ uses to get the maximum benefits for the business.
On the other hand, food manufacturing and timely delivery become complex processes in the business. You need to keep a constant check on the quality part, prices of food, packaging, and services to stay ahead of the competitors. ERPnext software is an asset in the food business in providing quality and healthy catering services.
It aims to increase the business's productivity and bring assured returns in profits to the owners. Manage your supply chain in the business efficiently by making full use of the software. ERPnext is a complete package for managing manufacturing, sales, suppliers, and inventory management. All things become easy to operate in the software.

Diet Management System

ERPnext does the proper nutrition management system for health-conscious people. In hotels and restaurants, the owners can use these services of ERPnext. Health-conscious people can enjoy eating tasty and healthy diseases. It is possible when they get all the information about the food health value from the application.

Sticker Printing

A printing facility is available in the ERPnext. It is useful to print stickers to place them on the orders. Stickers contain all information regarding the food, quantity, price and details of the person who placed the order. It becomes easy for the delivery staff to deliver the order to the right place.

Customization of individual meals of 4 people

The restaurant owner can use ERPnext to manage all the latest
information related to the menu and then make changes when required.
Individuals placing the order can decide the meals and ask for
customization from the team. They will make all the adjustments as per
the customer order requirement. Restaurants should keep the ERPnext
system in their business for managing the meals of the customers.


Get a food customization subscription

Get the food subscription benefit while using the ERPnext. Restaurants can introduce this service to the customers. It will do all the cooking and dietary management system according to the subscription plans that you have taken for it. Then, customers can take it accordingly.

Healthy Food Delivery System

Our delivery partners make their sincere efforts to timely delivery the food to the customers. It happens by using the unique labels that are present on the parcels for the food delivery purpose. They can check all the information on the title and then start their work to deliver the food to the customers.

Kitchen Module

The kitchen module is beneficial for diet and kitchen management. You can do the Cooking and Dietary Management System. The customer places the order for food for four people. Then, the ERPnext does the calculations of the ingredients required and updates it to the chef. The dish preparation process starts after it. Chefs can check the ingredients requirement by using the software.

Final Words

ERPnext is making the restaurant handling work convenient for the owners. They can use diet and kitchen management with the help of food service management software. Customers get all the information regarding the recipe, ingredients, and nutritional value using the software. The owners looking to upgrade their catering business should use the latest tools.

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