Case Studies



Established in 2017 having manufacturing capacity of more than 40,000 liters, is a dairy plant dedicated to providing milk and milk products.

  • Dairy needed an instant assistance for the management of its 50 collection centers and third party associations.
  • Was difficult to manage the cost and transaction trail of very huge amount of transactions.
SMB’s Solutions
  • SMB helped Dairy to have complete data of the Collection Centers and other crucial elements at a place allowing the dairy to access data related to the procurement of milk on the go.
  • All the processes related to manufacturing are tracked, recorded and reported in a legitimate manner.
  • Payment to suppliers is accomplished efficiently.
  • Costing and analysis of deviation in production is acknowledged.
  • Sales team network is managed appropriately.
  • Payroll problems are catered comprehensively.

Supplier Company

Supplier Company was founded in 2004, they are an industrial supplier for Safety Products, Power tools, Welding machines and other Industrial equipment.

  • It was very difficult to manage the inventory of 30,000+ products on e- commerce website, 400+ transactions every day.
  • Reconciliation and Price setting was very challenging.
SMB’s Solutions
  • We integrated the e-commerce platform with the ERPNext and it became a complete solution for their E-commerce transactions.
  • ERPNext handles accounting, customer database, product management, ordering, and shipping at one place and automatically generating the analytical reports.
  • Accurate Shipping, customer information, transaction details, inventory management, product management.
  • Day to day Analytical report that allows business to make better decisions.
  • Reduce Operation cost and time

SMB Ecommerce

SMB Ecommerce is an ecommerce platform having 20k+ products including household, baby products, Women’s products, Child care, personal care and grocery Items in Gulf Countries.

  • Managing 20,000+ products in different categories was very tough, and analyzing 600+ transactions on daily basis was out of reach.
  • To manage every day transactions with accuracy, forecasting about the seasonal products, forecasting about the demanding products and making decisions was very challenging for the team and management.
SMB’s Solutions
  • SMB solutions integrated ecommerce platform with the ERP System and everything is updated on real-time basis.
  • The products can be accurately streamlined and delivered at the prospective clients at ease.
  • Reduced manual entry to save time and increase output while reducing errors when entering order, inventory, item, customer and shipping data.
  • Streamline inventory synchronization, track updates and provide accurate inventory levels to customers, without hiring staff to manage these tasks.
  • Handle increased demand in online orders without the need to add extra resources to cater for it!
  • EOD Analytical Reports.

A successful collaboration between SMB Solutions Kuwait and Bayti Real Estate Investment Company

Transparency, Contribution, Grasping, Communication, Expertise, and Smart work always leads to remarkable success. Just like this amazing success story from our work diary.

  • Multi-store management or branding, the acceptance and management of Multi-currency handlings, Pricing rules and automation, and tight integration of switch SAP, loyalty program integration for client engagement are all that business empowerment concerns with that the Bayti realtors had contacted us in addition to get an excellent and assured solution.
  • It’s neither our first nor the last success, nevertheless, we are proudly sharing our extremely amazing work journey with an awesome client that is “Bayti Real Estate Investment Company.”
  • Well, Bayti Real Estate is a leading and charming Investment Company that is located in Rawabi – a first planned city built for and by Palestinians in the West Bank, and is hailed as a “flagship Palestinian enterprise, that is superlatively dealing with the retail giants in or across Palestine. Since its start day, they close moreover 1000+ profitable deals with global and popular brands with mentioning Mothercare, American Eagle, Mango, Miniso, Levi’s, Adidas, Swarovski, and so forth.
  • Earlier the Bayti’s were merely using ERP integrated SAP system (Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing). When they experienced some major troubles such as product stability and flexibility, one of their big concerns was offering and managing referral and discount programs to entice the existing users and, of course, to gain more users for their business. With that SAP-ERP system, they thought to overcome these business burning issues by taking a chance to move to something amazing. Consequently, they came in touch with us at SMB Solutions Kuwait, discussed all their concerns with our team, and showed their interest in getting integrated with our developed Point of Sales software system, which we have given the name NextoPOS.
  • Understanding all their business growth, customer retention, lead generation, management and more concerns we explained to them each and everything about NextoPOS POS software. What they liked the most about the system is its fully customizable nature, which makes it easier for Bayti realtors to add it to any of their ventures in a hassle-free manner. In the same scenario, they happily added it to one of their successful venture namely Al- Rawabi where they would like to engage more customers simply by offering enticing shopping discounts which they found possible with the customer loyalty program that functionality comes with our point-of-sale software. This became the awesome milestone of our deal.
  • What’s the major, enticing, and outstanding part of this collaboration and success story between us and Bayti Real Estate was its virtual nature. Yes, you read right, the entire discussions were held online by following a completely transparent virtual manner that helped both of us to share expectations, requirements and progress with ease. This all became possible with the incredible explanation, understanding, availability and professionalism of Bayti’s allotted contact person to our team, that’s Mr Murad.
  • The entire journey was full of challenges but our philosophy to take the challenges as fun, makes every step smoother for us and consequently by breaking all the barriers, since the connectivity differences, setup distances, to currency/legal terms we have successfully done the job and make our client happy as well, which is our biggest achievement in the entire journey.
  • Moving forward we are also assisting them with flawless support and maintenance services (either for any updates in portal backend or frontend, loyalty program points management, payment management and so forth) with the same dictation, flexibility, and 24*7 availability.
What’s next between us two?
  • Our client has a huge empire in multiple business sectors, and hence for the growth purpose in the present wave of tech integration and enhancement they can’t settle and rely on just a single growth empowering tech solution. Therefore with an intention of achieving more and growing more, and of course as a result of our brilliant support and services now they are planning to get implemented to their other business.
  • (their restaurant chains with our another POS software that we specially designed and developed to help restaurant businesses to manage all their internal and external affairs though it’s about inventory management, staff management, billing, customer support, review and lead creation and management and much more. )

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