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SMB solutions provides the best Android app development service in for all your virtual presence needs. We are a team of app development enthusiasts with years of experience in custom and multi functional app designing. We develop apps that are fast, futuristic, and full of features and are focused on improving customer interaction with your brand. Catering to the needs and concept of your business, we come up with the perfect app for your organisation that can go a long way in your venture’s digital marketing process. We have a team of experienced people who have worked with a range of brands, companies, and organisations, allowing us to sync our skill sets according to the nature of your project.

    Why Us for Android app Development?


    SMB solutions does extensive research and analysis of the market and your competitors to come up with an all-round Android app that is synchronous to your brand. We make sure we are on par with current trends and practices in both the app development market and your company’s product and services throughout the development process. We also take into consideration the challenges that merchants face and identify the thought process of your target audience to develop the perfect Android app for you.

    Budget-Friendly Quotes

    Our app development process is fast, optimal, thorough, and most of all, easy on your pockets. We not only build custom apps to suit your various requirements, but we also make it affordable enough for you to access and publish them and grow your business. With flexible services and budget-friendly quotes, we are the most creative and reasonable Android app development company in the market.

    Expert Designers and Developers

    As one of the most trusted app development company, we provide all your customers with the finest and versatile app developers. Our assigned developers dedicatedly work for your business to improve your virtual presence and increase your reach. Our developers take into account the market, scalability, and mobile platform to ensure optimum performance from your app.

    24/7 Support

    Always stay online and mitigate the chances of errors with our 24/7 customer support. Our team of expert developers stay with you every step of the way when it comes to supporting and maintenance. Whatever your need, you can rest assured that we will be there to help you with it. Our Android app experts also conduct regular scans for published apps on Google Play Store so that your app keeps running smoothly as ever.

    100% Transparency

    Truthfulness and transparency are important in all walks of life, especially when you are doing business. That is why we operate in a way that allows you to oversee and have a say in the actions being performed. Our app developers stay with you throughout the development process and make sure they convey reports about risks and opportunities to maintain a mutually satisfying collaboration.


    We designed and develop our apps to offer your services and products to your customer anywhere and at any time in the most convenient manner. Boost sales, improve growth prospect and reach millions of customers with our custom-made user-friendly apps that cater to your target audience across the globe. Our Android apps also allow you to offer your customers loyalty programs, offers, and coupons directly to their smartphones. With a stunning UI/UX, easy checkout process, and interactive layout, our apps appeal to your customers and help you stay connected with your customers.

    Our app Development Process

    Our App development process is so simple and easy to follow. You always remain included with the entire process and can always create, remove, or modify features as per your needs at any stage of the development.


    In the first stage, we come together and get to know each other well enough to devise a perfect strategy.


    Then follows planning, where we layout a well-researched plan for the development of your app.


    In the designing process of the app where we make sure your app remains user friendly, appealing, as well as competitive in the market.

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    In the development stage, we take care of all the backend needs of your app including optimising it for all the Android smartphones.


    Then comes testing, where we make sure your app is up and running efficiently and runs through phones like breeze.


    we launch your app on the Google Play Store and hand over the reins to you to run your business.

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