Boltmaster Case Studies


Streamlining Operations and Enhancing Efficiency: A Case Study of ERPNEXT Implementation at BoltMaster

Industry: hashtag#Distributor / hashtag#Manufacturing
  • BoltMaster, a company specializing in hardware materials trading and custom hashtag#fastener manufacturing, faced numerous challenges in managing its operations due to its multiple outlets, diverse product range, and complex inventory requirements. With over 50 staff members and a presence across various locations, BoltMaster needed a robust solution to streamline its processes and improve efficiency.
  • Managing hashtag#inventory of thread bars post-manufacturing and utilizing waste to create customized fasteners.
  • Ensuring accurate stock management across multiple locations.
  • Checking stock availability in real-time across all outlets.
  • Efficient stock transfer and allocation between warehouses and stores.
  • Maintaining accurate accounting records and bookkeeping.
  • Generating comprehensive MIS hashtag#reports for stakeholders.
ERPNEXT Implementation Solutions:
  • Manufacturing Process Setup: ERPNEXT facilitated the creation of Bills of Materials (BOM) and multi-level hashtag#BOMs to efficiently utilize leftover materials and manufacture custom-sized fasteners.
  • Inventory Management: The system enabled BoltMaster to effectively manage thread bar inventory of various sizes, reducing wastage and resolving inventory issues.
  • Real-Time hashtag#Stock Visibility: ERPNEXT provided a master report consolidating all item details across warehouses, including availability, cost price, selling price, and stock in transit, allowing for informed decision-making.
  • Sales Optimization: Utilizing the consolidated reports, the sales team could swiftly determine optimal pricing strategies, ensuring profitability while meeting client needs.
  • Streamlined Stock Transfer Process: A systematic stock transfer process was established, assigning responsibility to stock managers for fulfilling requests from stores, transferring stock based on availability, and ensuring timely delivery to project sites.
  • MIS Dashboards: hashtag#ERPNEXT developed comprehensive MIS dashboards, enabling owners to monitor key business metrics such as cash flow, expenses, and profitability, facilitating informed decision-making.
  • Adaptability during COVID-19: The ERPNEXT system proved invaluable during the pandemic, enabling remote operations management, including quotations, sales orders, invoicing, and payments, ensuring business continuity amidst disruptions.
  • The implementation of ERPNEXT at BoltMaster has significantly improved operational efficiency, hashtag#inventorymanagement, and hashtag#decisionmaking processes. By addressing key challenges and providing robust solutions, ERPNEXT has empowered BoltMaster to adapt to changing market conditions, enhance customer service, and maintain profitability, even during challenging times.