The impact of ERP software on businesses and Startups

Sales, Purchases, Inventory, Production Management, Tax Invoice, Payroll, Report Generation, and other functionalities are handled by a custom ERP software system.

Multi-user software — Users will be able to access the software from numerous locations. The data entering can be done by multiple people.

Cloud based system- From a single server/location, control the complete manufacturing activities. User rights, login, and security — from a functional standpoint for security reasons, login and passwords will be created. The user logs will be kept.

List down the amazing Upsides of our ERP software system

Sales, purchases, and inventory functionality have all been improved.

Minimum and maximum stock alerts can assist you in correctly managing inventory.

Organize after-sale activities.

Metrics such as the number of leads, invoices, and payment cycles can be easily collected.

While working with your dealers, the Production Management tool and reminder systems will ensure that you are always up to date.

Create a sales region to keep track of and segment your sales.

Control information flow by managing user roles.

Create a Tax invoice.

Let's take a glimpse of all our products and services that are associated with ERP Software System
Property Management System
Buying, selling, renting, searching, listing, paying and getting rent digitally, property agreements, and more are all made easier with our ERP integrated property management system.
Accounting Solution
Error-free accounting and financial data management has always been a crucial factor for businesses, but with the emergence of our ERPnext integrated accounting solution, all of your business financial issues can be handled hassle-freely, whether it’s about invoicing, banking, currency management, or everything else.
Delivery Service Solution
Functioning with an ERP system, we created a delivery software solution with a range of amazing features to help you keep track of rides, schedule and track deliveries, inform riders in real-time, and maintain many restaurants and areas across the city, all from a single screen.
NextoPOS Retail Pos System
NextoPOS is a full ERP with a built-in POS solution for retail businesses. IT includes a number of features and capabilities that allow you to manage all aspects of your retail business from a single location. It's a fully functional, up-to-date tech solution for store management. Reporting and analysis, loyalty program management, consumer transactions, and much more are all included.
Resto POS
Everything a restaurant needs to transform into a fully digital establishment, such as online ordering, billing administration, customer management, table management, and so on, maybe simply accomplished by installing RestoPOS. It is a modern form of restaurant POS management that is also coupled with an ERP system in order to attract restaurant businesses with advanced digital business solutions.
Bio-metric Time Attendance System
It's an SMB Solutions-powered ERP-integrated enterprise-level time and attendance system that includes all of the main features a company needs to manage all of its employees' assets digitally, including attendance, shifts, leave policies, employment management, and reward programs. This is one of the most useful company software programs for automating timekeeping and saving time and money for administrators.
Healthy Meal Subscription Solution
Today's restaurant businesses face a difficult task in providing quality and healthful catering services, as well as food manufacturing and timely delivery. Our ERO integrated catering solution is an excellent answer for this because it allows restaurant owners to manage food quality, packaging, pricing, payment, and delivery services all in one place.

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