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SMB Solutions is SPECIALIZING IN BOOKKEEPING AND ACCOUNTING ADVISORY SERVICES. You Concentrate on the success of your company and let us handle the complicated tasks of preparing accounting and financial data.
Chart of Accounts

Being a configurable tree view for structuring accounting ledgers as desired, the Chart of Accounts forms the blueprint of your company. Groups can have sub-groups and ledgers within them, whereas ledgers are the leaf nodes of your chart and cannot be further classified.

On the fly customisations

Map important data specific to your business by adding custom fields in your forms. Customise form behaviour by auto-fetching values, hide fields based on user roles, create custom Print Formats all without writing a single line of code. Create your own version of accounting software.


Multi Currency Accounting, Deferred Revenue, Bank Guarantee, Loyalty Program, Budgeting, Auto Repeat, Subscription, Invoice Discounting

Multi Currency Accounting

Send invoices and add expenses in any currency and let the system convert them in your base currency. See financial transaction and reports in multiple currencies. Managing transactions in different currencies simplified.

Auto Invoicing

Reduce time spent on mundane tasks for products or services that require renewals after certain time periods. Use Subscriptions and get invoices generated automatically for subscription orders.


Create unlimited bank and cash accounts and track their opening and current balances. Maintain bank accounts for your suppliers and customers. Ensure that your financials are synchronised with one-click bank statement upload. Clearance made easy.

Our services include bookkeeping, invoices calculation, sales, accounting and preparation of monthly financial reports until we become the virtual accounting and financial department of your company.


  • Data entry
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Accounts payable and receivable (entry and invoicing)
  • Ledger maintenance
  • Financial statements preparation
  • Monthly management reporting

Accounting Advisory

  • Budget planning
  • Product pricing
  • Costs and margin analysis
  • Cash flow and financial projections
  • Financial oversight
  • Financial performance reviews
  • Inventory management/counts

More Services

Whether you have an accountant in your internal team OR you do it yourself OR you have chosen to outsource it, the financial accounting process is almost always at the center of any business management system (aka an ERP system).
In ERPNext, your accounting operations consists of

3 Main Transactions:

  1. Sales Invoice: The bills that you raise to your Customers for the products or services you provide.
  2. Purchase Invoice: Bills that your Suppliers give you for their products or services.
  3. Journal Entries: For accounting entries, like payments, credit and other types.


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