NextoPOS Retail Point of Sale
This POS system is designed to serve the retail, wholesale and hospitality industries. Full of well-designed features, NextoPOS is the best POS system for small retail businesses like hardware stores, clothing stores, books shop, bakeries, sporting goods, grocery, etc. It is a simple and intuitive software with no specific hardware requirements.
User Friendly

Simple and well designed software to allow users to easily navigate through the system and manage the business in a digitized form.

Inventory Management

Easily record and manage your inventory with this retail point-of-sale system. Stocks and orders can be tracked easily.

Delivery Management

The on-my-way delivery management tool is integrated with this POS to allow easy tracking of the item that is out for delivery.

Payment Options

In addition to Integrated Credit Card, EBT/EBT Processing, Cash, Check, Gift cards you can define your own custom payment methods.

Item Variations

Create different sizes, colors, or any attributes you define for your items. You can track inventory down to the variation and even have different prices per variation.

Custom Receipts

Easily customize your receipts to match what you need for your business. With 20 different configuration options for generating your receipts, you can customize as per your need.

NextoPOS is an integration of various features apt for any retail business. The ERPNext integration makes it possible to extend the features of this POS so that all the aspects of one's business are covered.

ERPNext Integration

  • NextoPOS is integrated with ERPNext to reduce the limitations of ERPNext inbuilt POS. You can manage Items, Customers in ERPNext and sync with NextoPOS. Also sync the orders with Sales Invoices in ERPNext. This POS can also be integrated with any other ERP like QuickBooks, SAP, Odoo, NetSuite and the likes.

Ecommerce and Quickbooks Integration

Easily sync inventory, item images, categories and tags with a WooCommerce web store. Sync all your data to QuickBooks online with ease for accounting. The extended features can be easily integrated to give that extra edge.

Sales Module

Easily create sales that can be paid over time via our suspended sale module. You can report on how much is owed on outstanding layaways and easily add payments as they are paid thus keeping a track of your transactions thoroughly.
NextoPOS has various actionable reports that can be defined as per your requirements

3 Main Reports:

  1. Sales Report: The bills that you raise to your Customers for the products or services you provide.
  2. Purchase Report: Bills that your Suppliers give you for their products or services.
  3. Daily Closeout Report: For keeping a track of the daily sales and profits of the store.

One Point Of Sale for Many Retail Business.

Retail Shops Perfumes
Apparel and footwear
Toys shops
Games Amusement Parks
Health Clubs, Spa & Saloons
Food Courts and Restaurant
Nursery Garden
Grocery and Hyper Markets
Fruits and Vegetables
Hardware and tools shop
Auto parts shop
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NextoPOS system can also be used in goods and property leasing businesses, equipment repair shops, healthcare management, ticketing offices such as cinemas and sports facilities and many other operations
Enterprise Retail
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