Integrated POS with SAP ERP

With a POS system integrated with SAP ERP, your business process becomes more streamlined and easy to manage. You can save time and effort from having to manually enter all the data and let your business thrive on automation. You also get efficient, complete, and accurate flow of information, helping you keep up with the latest sales and stock levels.

Why NextoPOS as SAP Integrated POS System

NextoPOS is a cloud-based retail business solution that offers a variety of tools and features to help you simplify and amp up your business operations. With NextoPOS, we have built the perfect POS system that can easily be integrated with SAP ERP and work in unity as a single system. Integrating our POS system with SAP ERP allows you to have greater control of your business operations across multiple locations and get more efficient processes through data centralization and improved data reporting. 

At SMB solutions, we understand the need of the companies to operate POS and ERP as a single integrated system to get the most out of their business.

NextoPOS integration allows sales transactions and customer data with catalog, inventory management, payment, purchasing, accounting, and employee management to make your business operations simpler and accessible over multiple locations. Moreover, with our cloud-based system, you get real-time integrated data for better decision making.

Benefits of connecting SAP Business One with POS System

  1. No expensive Licence Required 
  2. Easy Customization as per your business needs
  3. Flexible with features 
  4. Your Business Data is in your own server, Cloud based 
  5. No Capital Expenditures
  1. Non-disruptive support for growth
  2. Quick and Easy Implementation & support
  3. bridge the gap between online and offline
  4. Out-of-the-box connections for eCommerce business
  5.  Multi-store, and multi-platform (Marketplaces, CRM, EDI) support

Why Integrate NextoPOS with SAP ERP

  • Reduce Time to Replenish Inventory

With NextoPOS, you get automated and accurate data entry, saving you time and avoiding your business to fall victim to errors that come with manual process. Improve customer service efficiency and be business ready with a turnkey integration solution.


  • Upgrade your ERP and Add Connections with Ease

NextoPOS allows you to add, edit, and remove connections such as e-commerce, CDI, and CRM on the go, helping you make the most out of your business management solution. Make changes as per the requirements of your business and get going at the drop of a hat with our ready-to-use, up-to-date POS solution.


  • Free up Time and Resources and Focus on Your Business

NextoPOS allows you to automate most of your business process and provides you with an accurate representation of your business status, which means you get more time to focus on other core functions of your company.


  • Process Order Quickly

NextoPOS is a cloud-based POS solution, making the order process feel like a breeze. You can go through the orders and ascertain the status directly from your office or the comfort of your home, as long as you have a smart device with an internet connection. 


  • Automate Financial Entry

Save time and keep your financial reports free of error with automated financial reporting. With NextoPOS, you get a user-friendly financial reporting and analysis tool that performs quick data analysis to help you analyse financial ratios.


  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

Keep your customers coming back by offering them one-of-a-kind shopping experiences with our POS system’s loyalty programs. Build a loyal customer base and save customer information during checkout to provide personalised gift cards as per the dollars spent. 


  • A Solution that Moves with Time

SMB Solutions understand that sales and retail business are constantly evolving so we develop our updates and add ons accordingly. With NextoPOS, you can rest assured that you will get the latest tools and features and timely updates so you can keep your business on the upfront and maintain a steady growth.