What is an ERP System in Manufacturing

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a game-changing solution in the manufacturing industry, where efficiency is required constantly. Manufacturing ERP is an effective way to handle each aspect of operations, ranging from production processes to payroll. Businesses need to implement the best ERP system for unwavering management and coordination across various manufacturing processes. This further leads to higher operational efficiency without any hassle.  SMB Solutions is your trusted ERP partner to help you implement this software in manufacturing without any hassle.

What is ERP for Manufacturing?

Manufacturing ERP is a software curated specifically for helping manufacturers automate their business operations. So, one can easily run their enterprise efficiently while saving money and time. This further helps in improving production speed and accuracy.

ERP technology enables manufacturers to leverage more data for managing crucial aspects of manufacturing operations. Due to this, manufacturers can effectively make use of the available resources while making stronger strategic decisions.

“Hows” & “Whys” of Manufacturing ERP


Wondering “how” can ERP help businesses in the manufacturing sector? Here are different ways this advanced software solution can help in manufacturing operations:

  • Inventory management: ERP acts as a centralized resource to track inventory, replenish strategies, and analyze data while managing inventory – be it equipment spares or MRO.
  • Supply chain: With ERP software, there’s better visibility and management of vendor performance tracking while drawing on data from both external and internal sources. All this is beneficial to inefficient planning and management of the supply chain.
  • Equipment performance tracking: With ERP modules, it’s convenient to track, store, and analyze equipment performance data from accurate reports via sensors.
  • Maintenance: The ERP system in manufacturing facilitates effective maintenance with centralized ticketing, scheduling, and work order management. This also enables strong analytics and data tracking for better maintenance effectiveness.
  • Cloud connectivity: ERP systems can connect manufacturing processes with the cloud. This helps manufacturers to easily make adjustments during processes to monitor the complete product lifecycle, even with the involvement of multiple teams and facilities.
  • Artificial intelligence: ERP systems integrated with AI are beneficial for manufacturers to automate several tasks while improving data processing and refining the analysis process. This results in a smoother and highly efficient system, which makes it convenient for businesses to make the most of ERP benefits in manufacturing.



Have a look at the reasons why businesses need to implement ERP in manufacturing projects:

  • Better visibility: Being a centralized solution, ERP software helps businesses access information from any part of processes or departments. This makes it easier to collaborate, coordinate, and communicate among employees for smoother operations.
  • Centralized data collection and analysis: ERP comes integrated with QA tracking and machine sensors for driving more information. This helps manufacturers to make effective decisions in areas, like machine usage, maintenance, supply chain, procurement, etc.
  • Better communication: Due to increased visibility across processes and operations, there are reduced communication barriers among various groups and operations. ERP is a great way to solve communication-related issues via transparency and open channels.
  • Design and engineering: ERP software facilitates better collaboration between engineering and design teams in manufacturing. This results in a better end product while reducing defects during production. It also helps in keeping up with the budget while enhancing quality assurance.
  • Financial management and MRP: ERP system in the manufacturing industry can smoothly integrate financial management modules and material requirements planning (MRP) systems. This helps in keeping tabs on resources, making management easier while tracking supplies and materials in a facility.

Types of Manufacturing ERP

Here are three types of manufacturing ERP solutions for manufacturers:

Generic ERP Software

Companies in multiple sectors, not only manufacturing, make use of ERP Software. This software is not only for manufacturing. Due to its customizable modules, it helps streamline operations, offering real-time insights, and improving collaboration for well-informed decision-making. Since it is a versatile software, it caters to various industries. This empowers organizations to optimize adaptability and efficiency in a dynamic market landscape. SMB Solutions offers Best ERP Software in Kuwait, Dubai and UAE.

 Industry-Specific Manufacturing ERP

Industry-specific ERP solutions, like ERP for process manufacturing, food manufacturing ERP, and discrete manufacturing ERP are highly popular in manufacturing organizations. These solutions offer you the specific features required for running your business efficiently.

For example:

  • Process manufacturing ERP comes with recipe/formula management modules. It’s beneficial for scaling and calculating ingredient quantities for better batch manufacturing control. It also includes a lot of traceability for supporting industry compliance, accurate labelling, and quality control processes.
  • Discrete or industrial manufacturing ERPs help manufacturers convert estimates and quotes into a bill of materials (BOM). Hence, these solutions streamline the sales process while accurately matching the component availability with upcoming orders. 

Broad Manufacturing ERP

It is useful in any sub-sector, as it offers more value compared to a generic ERP solution. It is because they include features created particularly for the manufacturers’ needs. For instance, tools for managing their shop floor procedures and managing machine maintenance schedules. Hence, businesses need to implement ERP for true investment value for timely operations in their sector.

Take Away

ERP software helps in streamlining various processes, such as scheduling, strategy, and maintenance planning. If you require help with ERP implementation, contact SMB Solutions – your reliable ERP partner – right away! We are ERP consultancy for manufacturing companies in Kuwait to implement ERPNext with ease and efficiency. Our team is always at your service to help you embark on your ERP journey.

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