Cloudtime Time Attendance Solution.

  • Night Shift Attendance: Tracking employee attendance during the night shift (9 pm to 6 am) proved to be a significant challenge.
  • Payroll Precision: The existing system counted punches across different days, causing payroll calculations to be inaccurate and challenging.
  • Dynamic Shift Assignments: The dynamic nature of employee shifts, influenced by availability, absence, and weekly schedules, made manual shift assignments a managerial headache.
  • HRMS Integration: Streamlining attendance data with in/out times, shift types, and working hours into the Oracle HRMS system posed integration challenges.

Cloudtime Time Attendance Solution.

Industry: Manufacturing - Wires & Cable

Transforming GulfCable's Workforce Management with Cloudtime time attendance solution

Meet Gulf Cable, a major cable manufacturer in Kuwait exporting globally and a proud member of the Kharafi Group Company. With over 500 dedicated employees working around the clock in three shifts, GulfCable faced unique challenges in attendance tracking and HR integration.

Introducing Cloudtime Smart Time Attendance solution:
  • Automatic Shift Assignments: Cloudtime intelligently determined employee shifts based on punch times, eliminating the need for manual assignments.
  • Night Shift Accuracy: Accurate night shift attendance tracking was achieved by considering in-time and out-time for the next day, ensuring precise working hours and attendance dates.
  • Seamless Synchronization: Daily punches were automatically synchronized from machines, generating accurate reports stored in a secure database.
  • HRMS Harmony: A customized database view was created, facilitating Oracle HRMS to effortlessly pick up accurate data for seamless payroll generation.
  • GulfCable now enjoys streamlined workforce management, accurate payroll processing, and improved efficiency, thanks to the Cloudtime solution. WorkforceTransformation hashtag#CloudtimeSuccess hashtag#ManufacturingInnovation hashtag#erp hashtag#TA