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Maximize the effectiveness of your business operations with state-of-the-art ERP software solutions. Whether you’re in Kuwait,UAE & other Middle East countries SMB Solutions stands ready to cater to your needs with tailored ERP development services.

Our team specializes in crafting bespoke solutions designed to enhance efficiency and productivity across your organization. Trust SMB Solutions to streamline your processes and propel your business to new heights.

    ERPNext Software Solutions

    With over 8 years of dedicated experience in ERP implementation, we, as partners of Frappe, consistently deliver exceptional results by carefully listening to and fulfilling the unique needs of our clients through our cutting-edge ERP solutions. For more details, feel free to reach out to us.

    Retail & Restaurant Cloud POS Solution

    Boost operational efficiency and accuracy with our cloud-based POS software. Effortlessly oversee inventory, accounting, personnel, sales, and customer loyalty initiatives. Additionally, streamline restaurant management tasks, including table management, menu customization, and order tracking, for a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs.

    Web Development Service

    Benefit from our expert website development service, leveraging years of experience to establish your online presence. Our dynamic websites are tailored to your needs, ensuring seamless operation with dedicated support available at your convenience.

    Introduction to ERPNext by SMB Solutions

    Welcome to SMB Solutions, your premier partner for transforming business operations through cutting-edge technology! At SMB Solutions, we proudly offer ERPNext, a comprehensive and robust business management system designed to empower your enterprise in today’s fast-paced business landscape. Whether you need to streamline accounting, optimize sales, enhance customer relationship management (CRM), or improve inventory management, ERPNext covers it all with effortless precision.

    Our solution also supports Point of Sale (POS) and retail operations, human resource management systems (HRMS), and the integration of popular e-commerce platforms and other essential software solutions. With ERPNext from SMB Solutions, your business is equipped to handle every challenge, enabling seamless processes and driving your success to new heights. Contact us now for a personalized demo and free trial.

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    Why Choose Us for ERP Software Development?

    At SMB Solutions, we take pleasure in being the first to develop cutting-edge ERP software. We customize our solutions to match the specific needs of businesses in Dubai and Kuwait. Our professionals have extensive experience designing complete ERP systems. We empower organizations across various industries to thrive in today’s fast-paced market.

    Mobile App Development

    Enhance your virtual presence and establish a sense of trust among your customers with our highly efficient and functional mobile app development services.

    Marketing and Branding

    Increase your reach, bring in new customers, and improve your sales with our accurate, persuasive, and custom-tailored marketing and branding strategies for your business.

    Our Solutions

    ERP Consultant

    Create a perfect ERP strategy for your business with our thorough and to the point ERP consulting. We analyse and acknowledge your business model, operations, and functionalities to help you come up with an EPR solution especially catered for your business.

    ERP Development

    Stay with us on every single step of your ERP development so you can make the necessary changes at the right time. Our team of ERP experts provide optimum ERP solution for your business after meticulously inspecting your business and remaining in touch with your throughout the development process.

    ERP Implementation

    Simplify your business operations with our custom-made ERP solution. We set up a brand new ERP system for your business and help get your employees to catch up with the basic system functionalities so you can save time and resources.

    ERP Integration

    We also provide ERP integration with your current system. Expand your accessibility, save time, and increase operation mobility with our complete, fully-supported, and innovative ERP integration.

    Accounting Solutions

    Keep your business financially thriving by managing bookkeeping and accounting with our state of the art, innovative account management solution. Track your financial performance on the go and take key decisions at the right time with fully functional and optimised accounting software.

    Retail POS Solutions

    We are Leading specialist in business software solutions for retail and food Industry. Our high-performing, cost-effective and easy configurable ERP and POS software solution helps retailers, and hospitality businesses worldwide. Read more : Link it on Nextopos page

    # Brief about our services

    What SMB Solutions Do?

    Increase your reach, bring in new customers, and improve your sales with our accurate, persuasive, and custom-tailored marketing and branding strategies for your business.

    Our Products

    Resto POS

    Manage all your restaurant operations with an all-around restaurant business management system. With tools to handle all your restaurant needs in one place, RestoPOS can help you increase your business profitability, reduce administration time, maintain stock, and bring more customers with loyalty programs by streamlining all your business operations.


    Manage all your restaurant operations with an all-around restaurant business management system. With tools to handle all your restaurant needs in one place, RestoPOS can help you increase your business profitability, reduce administration time, maintain stock, and bring more customers with loyalty programs by streamlining all your business operations.


    Manage all your restaurant operations with an all-around restaurant business management system. With tools to handle all your restaurant needs in one place, RestoPOS can help you increase your business profitability, reduce administration time, maintain stock, and bring more customers with loyalty programs by streamlining all your business operations.

    iVend Enterprise Retail

    We have partnered up with iVend to offer you simplified retail business management. Deliver seamless customer experience across all channels and manage your retail business most efficiently with our cloud-based retail management solution.

    On My Way

    Manage business deliveries and pickups with our uniquely designed management app for delivery business services. Track delivery status, send push notifications, schedule deliveries, make in-app payments, assign delivery executives according to areas and zones, and get quick access to thorough, personalized reports with our accurate delivery management app for your restaurant and e-commerce businesses.

    Cloud Time

    Supported by leading biometric systems, our biometric attendance system provides an out-and-out enterprise-level attendance management system to help you take care of your employees’ attendance, shift changes, leave and permission and more in a single platform. Get rid of attendance error, fraudulent timekeeping and increase productivity with our web/mobile-based accurate attendance management system.

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    ERPNext is a Meticulously Designed Software

    ERPNext is a partly cloud-based software that can help you bring down total operational and ownership costs.

    Client Stories

    Together we succeed
    SMB Solutions acts like our in-house tech department. They understand the needs and budgetary constraints of a small business. SMB Solutions provides excellent IT service and are always accessible on the phone, regardless of the situation. We have been a happy client of SMB Solutions for the past four years and plan on staying with them for a very long time!
    Bolt Master
    Lead Manager
    Thank you, SMB Solutions for your awesome IT Management and 24/7 security protection. Any time we have problems, they are right on it, or handle it remotely. Our computers are faster, we can complete work faster, and we have less downtime.
    Saba Tech Kuwait
    A sincere thank to SMB Solutions Team for making Xiv-rest possible. Thank you all for the support and awesome work. My team is happy and grateful by your work. Keep supporting and keep growing.
    Restaurant Manager

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    Make Your Business Better: An Easy Guide to Choosing the Right ERP System for Your Company in Kuwait.

    Choosing the perfect system for your business is a big deal. I’m here at SMB Solutions to help you figure it out. We’ve got a detailed guide just for you, focusing on businesses in Kuwait. We’re talking about ERP systems and cloud-based solutions – making things affordable, ready for the future, and perfect for your industry.

    Understanding ERP and Finding Affordable Options

    Let’s talk about ERP – a tool that brings all your business stuff together. At SMB Solutions, we know a lot about affordable ERP systems. We want you to use your money wisely. Choose a system that fits your budget.

    We will explain the costs to you. We will show you how to grow. We will also help you keep everything working well. It’s like investing in your business’s future.

    Tailored Solutions for Different Industries:

    We’ve got special ERP solutions for different types of businesses:

    • Food Industry: We have software to make things easier for buying, making, and delivering food.

    • Manufacturing: Our systems are designed to make manufacturing smoother.

    • Construction: If you’re in construction, we’ve got features that make everything precise and organized.

    • Retail: Stores use systems to manage inventory, sales, and ensure customer satisfaction. 

      • Stores use systems, 

      • These systems manage inventory.

      • They also handle sales.

      • Their goal is to keep customers happy.

    • Seafood: If you’re in the seafood business, we have tools to deal with the special challenges you face.

    Cloud-Based ERP Solutions for Easy Access:

    Get set for the future with cloud-based ERP solutions. We excel at shifting ERP systems to the cloud. This enables you to operate your business from any location, whether you’re in the UAE or Kuwait.

    ERP Accounting and More:

    Having money is very important for a business. We use ERP accounting software to organize your finances. We also use powerful Oracle systems to make things even better. If you’re in Kuwait, we’ve got accounting systems tailored just for you.

    Choosing the Best ERP System:

    If you own a small business, we know you want something affordable. Check out our recommendations for the best free ERP systems made for small businesses.

    • If you’re in construction, we’ve got the perfect ERP system with features made just for you.

    • Navigating ERP Solutions: A Comprehensive Guide for Kuwait and UAE Businesses

    • For businesses in Kuwait and the UAE, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is very important.

    It makes managing things easier and helps businesses grow smoothly.

    Selecting the right ERP system is a big decision for these businesses.

    They need to think about the cost, how easy it is to expand, and keeping the system running well.

    This guide looks into key aspects of ERP in these regions.

    We discuss ERP service providers, ERP software companies, and the diverse needs of industries like manufacturing and food services.

    Understanding ERP Systems and Their Costs

    ERP Kuwait, Dubai and UAE

    Cost is a critical factor influencing the decision-making process. Businesses often explore options ranging from cheap ERP systems to more comprehensive solutions. Understanding the total cost of ownership, including implementation, maintenance, and potential expansion costs, is paramount.

    ERP Cost Considerations

    Cost is a critical factor influencing the decision-making process. Businesses often explore options ranging from cheap ERP systems to more comprehensive solutions. Understanding the total cost of ownership, including implementation, maintenance, and potential expansion costs, is paramount.

    ERP Expansion Planning

    As businesses expand, it’s vital for the ERP system to also grow. Scalable solutions guarantee that companies can easily broaden their operations without facing any constraints from the ERP system. This is especially crucial for industries like manufacturing and food services.

    The Role of ERP Consultants in Kuwait, Dubai and the UAE

    ERP consultants help businesses with ERP implementation. They are experts in choosing and setting up ERP systems. Their advice is valuable, especially for small businesses looking for a free ERP or those with budget constraints. They guide companies through the process of selecting, implementing, and maintaining ERP systems.

    Industry-Specific ERP Solutions

    Manufacturing ERP is important for making things. It helps companies in making stuff to have their own special computer systems. These systems make work easier, use resources better, and make everything more productive.

    Food ERP Software: For food service providers, specialized ERP solutions offer features designed to address the unique challenges of the industry. From inventory management to compliance tracking, a dedicated food ERP software ensures seamless operations.

    Choosing the Right ERP Service Providers and Software Companies

    ERP Service Providers: Kuwait and the UAE boast a variety of ERP service providers. Businesses must carefully assess these providers based on their track record, customer reviews, and the ability to cater to specific industry needs.

    ERP Software Companies: Similarly, ERP software companies play a pivotal role. The market offers diverse options, ranging from comprehensive ERP systems to those specifically designed for small businesses. The challenge lies in identifying the best fit.

    Navigating ERP in Kuwait, Dubai and UAE

    Choosing, installing, and managing an ERP system in Kuwait and the UAE is a complex process.

    First, businesses need to grasp the costs and potential for growth associated with ERP.

    They also must consider the advice of ERP consultants who specialize in this area.

    It’s important for companies to proceed cautiously throughout the entire journey.

    Industry-specific solutions for manufacturing and food services further emphasize the need for tailored approaches.

    Businesses in Kuwait, Dubai and the UAE are looking for ERP service providers and software companies.

    They want a solution that meets their current needs and helps them grow in the future.

    Choosing the right ERP is important for both strategy and tactics.

    Even a free ERP for small businesses can be as effective as a comprehensive system.

    Businesses need to consider the impact of their choice on growth.

    So, finding the best fit is crucial for companies exploring ERP options.

    Unlocking Business Efficiency with Custom ERP Software Development: A Comprehensive Exploration with SMB Solutions

    Welcome to “SMB Solutions”! It’s a top ERP software company for businesses. They create special solutions.

    Let’s learn about custom ERP software. It’s important for businesses. We’ll talk about why, the problems during use, and how to solve them.

    The Power of Custom ERP Software Development

    1. Transformation Beyond Off-the-Shelf Solutions:

    Traditional off-the-shelf software often falls short of meeting specific business requirements. “SMB Solutions” steps in to redefine efficiency by crafting custom ERP solutions that go beyond limitations, offering tailor-made functionalities.

    2. Boosting Efficiency and Productivity:

    Custom ERP is a game-changer, enhancing efficiency and productivity. It provides a competitive edge by addressing unique pain points within your business processes. The result is not just streamlined operations but also informed decision-making.

    3. Future Trends and Market Projection:

    G2 says the global ERP software market will be $78.40 billion by 2026. The growth rate is 10.2% every year, showing how much ERP solutions matter in business.

    Implementing ERP Systems into Your Business

    1. Setting a Reasonable Budget:

    Determining the right budget for ERP implementation involves understanding cost models. Identify features and modules that align with both your budget and business needs. Extensive research is key to preventing overspending.

    2. Selecting Befitting Modules:

    Choosing the right ERP modules for your business needs requires a precise outline of your requirements. Create a checklist of modules and features your business requires. Consider custom ERP software development if off-the-shelf solutions don’t meet your unique needs.

    3. Implementation Complexity:

    Dealing with complexities during ERP system implementation necessitates approaching module selection and feature inclusion cautiously. Opt for a competent development team to navigate the complexities effectively.

    4. Security Risk:

    Managing security risks associated with ERP systems involves implementing multifactor authentication, routine updates, and strict security policies. These futuristic precautions can safeguard your business against cyber threats.

    5. Maintenance and Upgrade:

    Ensuring the smooth operation of ERP systems post-implementation requires a developer team proficient in debugging and maintaining ERP system health. Their familiarity with your business’s ERP setup proves invaluable in addressing operational issues.

    “SMB Solutions” makes special computer programs for businesses. These programs help different types of industries like construction, retail, and seafood. If you need software in the cloud, for accounting, or something affordable, “SMB Solutions” can help. We’re good at using Oracle software and are a top company for this in Kuwait. Check out what we offer and make your business better with our computer programs.

    Navigating Business Excellence with SMB Solutions’ Custom ERP Software in Kuwait

    An In-Depth Exploration of Tailored Efficiency, Scalability, and Control for Your Unique Business Needs

    Modern businesses need a strong computer system to manage everything, and that’s where SMB Solutions Custom ERP Software comes in. This special software is designed for small and medium-sized businesses in Kuwait.

    It helps businesses in Kuwait by making things more organized and efficient. With this software, companies can better control their operations and adapt as they grow. This is important in the ever-changing world of business.

    The SMB Solutions Custom ERP Software is like a personalized tool for businesses. It helps them work better and grow without losing control. Efficiency, scalability, and control are the key benefits it offers.

    So, in short, this special software is a big help for small and medium businesses in Kuwait, making their work smoother and more effective.

    Tailored Efficiency for Your Business:

    Discover how SMB Solutions Custom ERP Software transcends conventional ERP offerings by meticulously aligning itself with your business needs. Serving as an ERP accounting system, it strategically omits unnecessary features, ensuring a streamlined and efficient execution of critical business processes. This detailed customization positions it as a prominent online ERP system, designed to cater to the digital needs of modern businesses.

    Scalability for Future Growth:

    Delve into the intricacies of scalability within SMB Solutions Custom ERP. Businesses in Kuwait are changing. An ERP system in Kuwait can change too. It can easily change, grow, and add new things.

    This system is flexible. It can change easily. It can also grow and add new things without problems.

    Businesses can use this system. It helps them in the long term. It helps them to grow and change easily. It also helps them in a market that is always changing.

    This system has tools. These tools help businesses. They help businesses to do well in a market that is always changing.

    Controlled Maintenance and Upgrades:

    Analyze the granular aspects of maintenance and upgrades with SMB Solutions Custom ERP. This system helps control when to fix things, improve, and add new features.

    Customizing it a lot gives businesses power. It makes sure things don’t stop often, works well, and helps the business run smoothly.

    Flexible Integration Methods:

    Explore the versatility of SMB Solutions Custom ERP systems in terms of integration. With compatibility in various integration methods, including direct API integration, custom data connectors, and middleware solutions, this ERP system ensures a smooth and secure flow of information. The importance of tailored integration becomes especially pronounced in the context of businesses in Kuwait, where data transfer efficiency is paramount.

    Off-the-Shelf vs. Custom ERP: Making the Right Choice:

    Embark on a comprehensive analysis of the fundamental differences between off-the-shelf and custom ERP solutions, a crucial decision-making process for businesses striving to adopt the best ERP system.

    Off-the-Shelf ERP Limitations:

    In the context of Kuwaiti businesses, understand the inherent limitations of off-the-shelf ERP solutions. With a design built around generic industry concerns, these solutions often include features that may be irrelevant or redundant. Discover why customization is paramount, particularly when seeking the best ERP system for specific industries like construction.

    Custom ERP: A Tailored Approach:

    Uncover the nuanced advantages of SMB Solutions Custom ERP, particularly for businesses in Kuwait. This ERP system’s highly personalized and systematic approach eliminates unnecessary complexities, fostering streamlined operations and efficiency. Dive into real-world scenarios, emphasizing the tailored approach’s relevance, especially for construction companies facing unique operational challenges.

    Investing in Future Growth:

    Explore the temporal investment associated with SMB Solutions Custom ERP. Recognize how this ERP system takes the necessary time to understand your business’s vision and mission, resulting in a meticulously devised strategy that ensures effective functioning post-deployment. This investment in understanding becomes a cornerstone for businesses envisioning sustainable future growth.

    Cost and Customization Considerations:

    Delve into the intricacies of cost and customization when choosing between off-the-shelf and SMB Solutions Custom ERP. Gain insights into the upfront costs, the return on investment, and the invaluable aspect of owning the source code. The discussion extends to the unique considerations faced by businesses in Kuwait, emphasizing the long-term benefits of a tailored ERP system.

    Architectural Precision for Versatile Solutions:

    Examine the architectural nuances differentiating off-the-shelf and SMB Solutions Custom ERP systems. Understand how the precision in the architecture of custom ERP provides versatile and robust solutions. This adaptability becomes paramount, especially for businesses in Kuwait, where evolving operational requirements demand a flexible and responsive ERP system.

    SMB Solutions Custom ERP Software is an important choice for businesses. It is a key player in ERP solutions, providing a platform that is customized, scalable, and easy to maintain.

    To choose the right ERP system like SMB Solutions, businesses in Kuwait need to carefully evaluate their specific needs and long-term goals. Having a personalized and efficient solution is very important.

    As businesses in Kuwait aim for excellence, selecting the right ERP system becomes crucial. SMB Solutions helps unlock the full potential of businesses in the competitive business arena.