ERPNext for Dairy Management, To manage manufactring & distribution of dairy products, we have implemented complete module in ERPNext.

It covers from Procurement of milk, to process the milk , Test the milk for Fat & SNF, storing the milk, production of dairy products like curd, paneer, chaas etc, to distribution of products & Invoicing the distributors, Complate process is captured end to end.

Our Client Vamaa Dairy has Successfully Implemented the ERP for their organization and have been using it for their Daily Operation.

We replaced their Tally accounting & manual Excel sheet  with ERPNext, and their whatsapp orders are replaced with taking orders on mobile application which are placed in ERPNext.

Stay Tuned for More, as we will be launching their ecommerce application (Web & Mobile application) with Monthly subscription of milk deliveries SOON!! And everything will be driven by ERPNext.

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