SMB SOLUTIONS have made ERPNext from Generic to business specific ERP.

ERpNext for Saloons, where we added Appointment Management, Attendee Management, Promo code, Voucher code options, Users can buy service packages credits in bulk and redeem it.

ERPNext for Restaurants, With introduction to Restaurant POS, KOT, Digital Menu Ordering System (Mobile App to view Menu & place orders by Users/Waiters). It can handle multiple outlets with same/different menu (Companies owing multiple franchisees or restaurant concep) and all can be managed with single ERPNext interface.

ERPNext for Retail , To manage multiple outlets & stores, with heavy transaction, we introduced nextopos for ERPNext, a POS system capable of scaling up and handling multiple outlets with same/different items or multiple franchisees.

ERPNext for Logistics/ Delivery Management Solution, It helps to monitor drivers, their deliveries and tasks assigned to them.

Helps to track cash collections/ Cash handover and is all integrated with ERPnext to manage accounting & HR.

Also Sales Invoice for particular client can be initiated depending on the orders dome for a particular period by the drivers.

ERPNext for Property Management, It helps to manager Landlords and Tenants.

Landlord can manage their properties for rent and get online payment for rents and maintenance.

Tenants will have platform to view and apply for property for rent and pay rents, request for Maintenance.

ERPNext for Clinic Management, Hospital/Clinic Management System is powerful, flexible, and easy to use platform. The system has multiple user access control for all system modules. Chikitsa enables you to develop your organization and improve its effectiveness and quality of work.

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