Security cameras aren’t always used to catch the bad guys, homeowners and businesses alike have a myriad of reasons for why they may want to install security camera systems. For example, a homeowner may want to use a home security camera system to see when packages arrive at their house and determine whether or not they should stop by the house and put the packages inside during their lunch break. This article isn’t about residential security cameras though, this article is about three applications of security cameras in the business world.

1. Monitoring Gauges

If your business has anything at all to do with pressure gauges, or if you operate your business out of a building that you own, you may want to set up surveillance cameras to monitor any gauges you may have in your building. Gauges – especially building temperature gauges – can be extremely inconveniently located.

This method of monitoring gauges can sound like overkill, but it’s effective, and it reduces the amount of time employees have to waste looking for ladders or doing other activities to reach their temperature gauges. At, our gauges are located on top of our four story building in a penthouse – but I don’t have to go up there to look at our building’s temperature gauge, instead anyone in the office can sit at a computer, click their mouses a few times.

2. Parking Lot Surveillance

lot can happen in a parking lot. Puns aside – if your car is sitting still in one place for eight hours, five days a week, for fifty weeks in a year, if anything happens to your car while you’re not driving it, there’s a good chance that it might happen in your workplace parking lot. Parking lot security cameras can help you find out who stole a wallet from your car, and security cameras with license plate recognition can help find out who did a hit-and-run on your coworker’s car.

3. Ensuring Health Standards

While cleanliness is important to me, I can quickly direct you to a few buddies of mine who do not share the same views. If you run a business, especially if it is a restaurant, you’ll want to make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to issues of cleanliness. Restaurant security cameras can help you ensure that your customers and employees are dealing with a clean facility, even when you aren’t there in-person.

Final Regards

Although none of the  three uses for security cameras which I mentioned above are as interesting as using your camera to catch a man who assaulted another man with pizza, these three uses are something which business owners can utilize during a typical business day in a typical business environment.

Chris Miller
Chris Miller
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