SMB Ecommerce Case Studies


SMB Ecommerce

SMB Ecommerce is an ecommerce platform having 20k+ products including household, baby products, Women’s products, Child care, personal care and grocery Items in Gulf Countries.

  • Managing 20,000+ products in different categories was very tough, and analyzing 600+ transactions on daily basis was out of reach.
  • To manage every day transactions with accuracy, forecasting about the seasonal products, forecasting about the demanding products and making decisions was very challenging for the team and management.
SMB’s Solutions
  • SMB solutions integrated ecommerce platform with the ERP System and everything is updated on real-time basis.
  • The products can be accurately streamlined and delivered at the prospective clients at ease.
  • Reduced manual entry to save time and increase output while reducing errors when entering order, inventory, item, customer and shipping data.
  • Streamline inventory synchronization, track updates and provide accurate inventory levels to customers, without hiring staff to manage these tasks.
  • Handle increased demand in online orders without the need to add extra resources to cater for it!
  • EOD Analytical Reports.