Start-up companies in Kuwait have been helped to breathe life into their ideas.

Rawan Althunayan and Fay AlZouman, students and co-founders of Reyathena, have created with the help of SMB Solutions to bring about a sporting revolution in Kuwait. 

They believe that sport should be more than a hobby and people should dedicate their whole life to their passion. 

Their aim is to provide athletes with opportunities to excel in their careers, so they can enjoy their time in the limelight. 

The company’s big idea is to recruit more athletes into the sports industry and it is there to help them achieve their goals. 

With an online store in place, Reyathena will serve the needs of the sports community by providing quality products to improve skills. 

Another company benefiting from the support of SMB Solutions is Attach Kuwait.

Abdul Aziz Gharabally, CEO of Shamil group and co-founder of Attach Kuwait, has launched the logistics application with the help of SMB Solutions to bring alive their logistics-based business idea.

This application will help every business meet their promise of on-time delivery at almost no cost to their customers.

The Attach application is linked with Cloud POS and Cloud ERP system ERPNext, which is a Gartner listed product and ranked among the top five ERP systems for user-friendliness. Restaurants can easily place delivery orders on the system, which gets accepted by nearby drivers and helps in delivering orders quickly at customers’ door steps. 

Hakimuddin Jamali, co-founder and CEO of SMB Solutions, said: “People have great ideas. What they miss is the technology part to execute their ideas. They think development is usually a costly affair and they give up on their ideas.

“We at SMB help to bring such ideas to life in a cost-effective way and reduce the time to market using a lean start-up and agile methodology. If you have an idea and you believe in it, just get started.”

SMB Solutions is set to provide smart business solutions in Kuwait utilising the latest technology.

“We encourage start-up businesses to develop their business by implementing end-to-end solutions,” said Jamali.

“SMB is known for helping people to ‘Start My Business’ by providing smart business solutions and that is what we stand for.”

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