An enticing digital portal for landlords integrated with ERPnext

A property management system of the global landlords and renters

For a landlord isn’t much easy these days to keep the property on rent by getting a good tenant. As they have to deal with so many issues while renting a property like let individuals be aware of the property's availability for rent, finding a tenant, collecting the tenant's previous rent record, getting rent and so many others. Thus to overcome the situation landlords are looking to have a one stop techie solution to manage their rental properties.
Meet Property Ada: A trusted and complete digital partner for managing your property

Grasp the versatile features of our ERP Integrated property Management System

Tenant Searching
Tenant searching now becomes a hassle free job using property management software for landlords.
Tenant Management
Using a tenant management system a landlord can easily manage and maintain each asset of tenants since from their details, previous record, rent and all.
Online Rent
With an ERP inbuilt real estate software is becomes easy for the landlords to get rent online. Also using such system landlords can set a payment reminder for the tenant.
Property Maintenance
A landlord centric property management system helps a landlord to properly maintain the property additionally keep tenants happy and satisfied.
Show Property location
A landlord property management system allows to show and list the property online along with its real location as it assists visitors to find the property easily.
Keep track of tenant information.
This software system helps you fetch and organize tenant information, such as contact information, unit number, and lease paperwork, easily available.

The three thrilling advantages of our ERPNext integrated property management system for landlords:

It will make you updated with everything about your rental property only by accessing a single portal. The system every hour notifies you with the updates on your rented property.
Every facet of your lease is covered by the portal to Reduces that help you to reduce the stress of tax returns by putting all of your rental property records in one location.
Help you connect with the genuine tenant every time you look to rent your property.

Why should you choose us?

To maintain standards, our developed ERPNext integrated property management system for landlords will inspect your property on a weekly time to time. Here is a list of all our plus points that will encourage choosing the property management system powered by SMB Solutions.
  • 24-hour support and maintenance.
  • Trustworthy and cost effective
  • Delivering Excellence at each step
  • Always be on your expectation
  • Keep your data safe
  • Dedicated property manager
  • Keeps your property listing active
  • Assured and on-time service request management
  • Easy Land Registration and Rental Licenses
  • Examining Postal Boxes
  • Estimates for security alarm systems.
  • Organizing and managing maintenance, as well as offering quotes for any major repairs that may be needed.
  • Organizing Financial Representation

Are you willing to manage your rental properties at less time and expense?

Ask us here how!!


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